Since 1917, we have been unified in the belief that children and communities benefit from the efforts of caring and involved volunteers.  Primarily, this club provides service to the community with an emphasis on serving children, particularly those "at risk."  But we are also much more than that.  The Kiwanis Club of Denver provides you: 

  • Business contacts and networking opportunities
  • Weekly luncheons (at Maggiano's downtown) with fun and fellowship
  • An opportunity to sharpen your leadership and public speaking skills
  • Insights into local and international issues with exciting weekly speakers
  • An opportunity to improve the lives of children everywhere
  • Taking your individual talents and using them in a group effort to improve our community
  • Great fun and fellowship with tennis, golf and ski outings

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07/18/2018 Meeting
08/01/2018 Meeting
08/15/2018 Meeting
09/05/2018 Meeting
09/19/2018 Meeting
10/03/2018 Meeting
10/17/2018 Meeting
11/07/2018 Meeting
11/21/2018 Meeting